Don’t Miss this Channel Opportunity

In this webinar, expert Michael Ferry, VP of EPIK Solutions, will delve into the intricate world of the POTS replacement marketplace, highlighting how Granite Telecommunications plays a pivotal role with their patented EPIK Edge POTS replacement solution. This session will not only offer a quick review of the current landscape but will also discuss the unique differentiators that make Granite's solution stand out amongst the rest. Be prepared to learn about the innovative methods and strategies Granite employs to navigate the challenges and opportunities within the POTS replacement sector, ensuring you stay at the forefront of this evolving industry.

  • The webinar discusses the current state of POTS lines and their challenges, noting their significant reduction while highlighting their essential roles in life safety services.
  • Granite Telecommunications has emerged as the largest aggregator of voice data products, with a significant reach in the US market, and provides solutions for the ongoing challenges with POTS lines.
  • EPIK is a POTS replacement device that is efficient, cost-effective, and can replace any copper POTS line or facility.